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kuya, pano po ba to?hindi ko po kasi naintindihan yung discussion sa amin eh….

A Company leased office premises to B Company for a 5 year term beginning January 1, 2009. under the terms of the operating lease, rent for the first year is P800,000 and rent for years 2 through 5 is P1,250,000 per annum. however, as an inducement to enter the lease, A granted B the first 6 mos. of the lease rent-free. in its December 31, 2009 income statement, what amount should A report as rental income?

kuya, patulong…pasensiya na po.hindi ko kasi maintindihan. thank you in advance…

Sa operating lease, madali lang yan. Pag nagsosolve kayo ng operating lease alamin nyo kung magkano ang magiging total proceeds over the lease term tapos ang accrual ay simply spreading out the amount over the lease term. As simple as that.

Sa problem na ito,

Total proceeds:

800,000 * 1 year = 800,000 proceeds from year

1,250,000 * 4 years = 5,000,000 proceeds from year 2 to 5

800,000/12 * 6 = (400,000) ito yung 6 months rents fee. Bakit 800,000? Kasi sabi “first 6 mos” which refers to the proceeds from year 1 na gagawing free.

So total proceeds will be: 800,000 + 5,000,000 – 400,000 = 5,400,000

Then, to know the yearly amount to accrue, spread the total proceeds evenly throughout the period. So:

Yearly accrual = Total Proceeds / lease term

5,400,000 / 5 = 1,080,000 yearly.

*but if lease began on a different date other than january 1, appropriate the yearly accrual.
Take note of any SECURITY DEPOSIT.

Ang security deposit ay ang additional na kabayaran ng Lessee sa unang pag-uusap ng lessor at ng lessee. Ito usually yung tinatawag na “initial deposit”. From the word itself, “kasiguraduhan” ito on the part of the Lessor na kabayaran kung ano mang maaring mag-cause ng cost sa part ng lessor assuming any terms of the lease will be breached by the lessee. Ang security deposit ay treated as a Liability until earned. Kelan na-eearn? Pag may breach of contract on the part of the Lessee.

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